Ann Ramsden founded the Rosalie Ryrie Foundation in response to the lack of support available for children and adults who displayed controlling behaviours.

For many years Ann worked with children within the care system who displayed aggressive and conforming behaviours.


Rosalie Ryrie Foundation

It was always her attempt to seek preventive action and support, but after many years seeking this; and being told a person would have to be arrested first before help was offered, she decided it was time to develop her own service that met with the needs of the people who needed it.

Ann’s firm belief is that it is generally the whole family that needs support which is why her service offers an holistic approach working with families to understand where their behaviours come from. The name Rosalie Ryrie is that of Ann's mother and is a mark of respect and appreciation for a  woman who has been a source of great strength and support.

Rosalie Ryrie Foundation now works long-term with individuals and families and is able to engage those who are ‘hard to reach’ – those who have failed to engage with other agencies.

Ann and her team believe whatever your experience, past or present, the effects can be long lasting. The Foundation provides a safe place to explore and challenge those experiences within a non-judgemental, warm and friendly, environment.