How We Can Help

We are here to support individuals and organisations understand how certain learnt behaviours can impact on personal wellbeing. Through our supportive team we provide consultation, advice and training which work with you to understand these behaviours and provide the tools to help you make that change.
We never give up on any individual or family, no matter what, because we know what change feels like – GREAT!



Rosalie Ryrie Foundation

Support for Families and Individuals

The Foundation offers behaviour management and training that specifically looks at aggressive, abusive and conforming behaviours such as:

  • Physical, verbal, emotional and other forms of abuse
  • Available to perpertrators, victims and all members family
  • Domestic abuse including coersive control
  • Learnt behaviours
  • Aggressive behaviours
  • Conforming behaviours
  • Parenting issues
  • Support working with other organisations Court, Social Services
  • Bespoke Training available to other organisations


We believe everyone has the right to feel safe, valued, cared for and supported. You really do matter.

We cover group and individual sessions for families, couples, men and women. Every member of the family is included, from parents to grandparents and foster carers and children. Our aim is to provide a holistic service that takes on board the feelings and behaviours of all concerned.

Our sessions are broken down into the categories below. However if you cannot see one for you or don’t feel the options are appropriate please get in touch here and we’ll come back to you with our recommendations:

  • Stepping Out - Women Alternate Thursday 1-3pm:
  • Stepping Out Male - Once per month - Thursday - 1-3pm

For males and females, this session runs fortnightly and tackles anxiety and depression caused through destructive relationships. It also tackles the impact those destructive relationships have on current and future relationships.

  • ADAPT - Men Only Tuesday 6-8pm and
  • Footsteps4dads - Men Only Tuesday 10-12pm:
  • Footsteps4dads2 - Men Only Wednesday 6-8pm

Specifically for men, the ADAPT/Footsteps4dads sessions look at aggressive and conforming behaviours. It provides the tools and skills needed to become aware of aggressive behaviour patterns to effect change of mind-sets and beliefs.

  • Footsteps4mums - Wednesday 9.30am-11.30am:
  • Footsteps4mums2 - Thursday 9.30am-11.30am:

Specifically designed to look at the impact abusive behaviours have on children. Ideally for families who are working with social services or facing child protection issues; it looks at working and supporting parents identify and promote healthy relationships safeguarding children.


Support for Organisations

Wellbeing at work is recognised as a key driver is promoting employee productivity and engagement. Learnt behaviours can manifest at work just as they can at home which is why we support organisations by developing policies and training that positively impact on work wellbeing.

Through our expertise and knowledge we also work with many referral agencies. From GP’s, mental health agencies, councils, youth offending teams, education establishments and law enforcement by training, consultation and referral.

Through our expertise and knowledge working with learnt behaviours we can provide consultation and insight. Whether it’s a telephone call or a one to one meeting we can provide a specific solution to a specific problem.