How You Can Help


If you can offer some time and skills on a volunteer basis for an excellent cause, please contact Ann Ramsden on 01924 315140 or


We have worked tirelessly with limited funds in a building we lease with volunteer workers.

We can prove we offer a social return on investment and because of this we will never give up.

To donate, raise money or fundraise towards the upkeep of the foundation,

Rosalie Ryrie Foundation

Thank you very much to anyone that helps!!


If you believe social return is important, a healthy society is essential and happy families are the future then you can help us.

Donations are important to us but equally so is your time. Maybe you can offer your expertise and volunteer?

No matter how small your contribution, whether it’s practical or a cash donation, there is no doubt that will contribute to our success.

Click here to get in touch with us.