We offer our knowledge and skills to safeguarding agencies that require the specialist knowledge needed to work with families, children and adults who display behavioural issues.

We provide professionals, who work within support agencies, with a wide range of training courses. Many are bespoke and developed with each agencies’ need in mind and ensure the agencies’ needs and goals are met.


Rosalie Ryrie Foundation

Our training packages:

  • Children who have experienced domestic abuse

This course will increase knowledge, understanding around the implications for children who have experienced domestic abuse. 

  • Domestic abuse and parental contact

This course will provide a greater awareness of the emotional difficulties children may experience when openly engaging with professionals and services during contact or court proceedings. 

  • Impact of domestic abuse and future partners on children

This course will increase knowledge around working with families whose children have experienced domestic abuse and the emotional and behavioural difficulties they may experience around a new partner 

  • Families living with controlling and aggressive children

This course will provide you with a greater awareness of children and young people who display aggressive behaviours; providing participants with an opportunity to discuss the difficulties around engaging.

  • Working with children who display conforming behaviours

This course will increase your skills and knowledge to support children who display conforming behaviours and help them understand what abusive behaviour is how the can be more assertive and confident in their lives.

  • Domestic abuse and families who want to stay together

This course will provide you with a greater insight into the lives of families who do not recognise the destructive impact of their actions on the family unit.

  • Victims of domestic abuse

This course will increase your knowledge around the needs of a victim of domestic abuse and the possible long term impact on their behaviour and future relationships. 

  • Perpetrator of domestic abuse

This course will increase your knowledge around the perpetrator of domestic abuse and the difficulties they have engaging with support services.

Bespoke Training:

Alternatively we can develop bespoke training to meet the needs of your service.

Work based learning:

We also offer the opportunity to develop your skills alongside RRF staff at the Foundation. We work with all genders, ages and behaviours providing you with an ideal opportunity to develop your own sphere of work whilst building on your knowledge and skills.


Take advantage of our years of knowledge and expertise to assist you with safeguarding or employee wellbeing.

Specifically we help agencies develop their services. This is usually very specific to each client but as an overview we provide set-up and support services, design training plans and sessions, create working strategies and implement staff skill programmes.

This is a bespoke service and if you feel we could help you to provide a better service please contact us here.